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At Haller, they work with ultra-poor farming communities in the coastal areas surrounding Mombasa, Kenya and smallholder farmers in nearby areas that are living off degraded land. They work predominantly with rural women, since they are proven to be the most significant catalyst in improving the livelihoods of entire families.
Their programs breathe life into the land and revive local economies, enabling communities and ecosystems to thrive. Each community that embarks on a Haller Journey commits to a 3-4 year long partnership where we collaborate to establish access to water and community sanitation, train farmers to regenerate their land and to farm sustainably, ensuring they build stable livelihoods and advanced farming techniques which include bee-keeping and fish farming. This farming is then supported by training on the Haller Farmers App, which puts education straight into the hands of our farmers.
They have helped thousands of people learn new skills and use the power of nature to nourish the land so they can build homes, feed their families and educate their children. They continue to help them build resilience in the face of climatic uncertainty, moving towards a point of self-sufficiency and sustainability.


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