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Environment and climate change

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verified non-profit organisations

Sea Turtle Conservation/Research Projects in Central America


As a British-based non-profit NGO, Littlefeet Environmental is looking to conserve various sea turtle populations including Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill sea turtles in the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Our initiative is to work with locals and receive contributions...

Water supply for pastoral communities in Kenya


Pastoral Communities Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies is a local NGO registered in Kenya committed to creating a peaceful environment where farmers can live together, nomads can graze together and merchants trade together without the fear of losing their livelihood. We do this through...

Construction of a water tank in Kumtem Village, Cameroon


The Kumtem Village water system, constructed mainly by villagers, who supplied the labour by digging the trenches for the pipes manually, is rapidly falling into a derelict state. This situation is compounded by the problem of indiscriminate planting of eucalyptus trees around the catchment area....

Diesel- fired generators needed for conservation project in India and Nepal


Ahimsa International is an NGO that aims to generate sustainable solutions in the areas of health, social rehabilitation and environmental preservation. As an altruistic "think tank", Ahimsa International has presented strategies and programmes which have been used in whole or in part by...

Education and Conservation in Northern Uganda


RACODI is trying to help vulnerable children affected by the war in Northern Uganda. These children are from poor families while others are orphans, children with disabilities, formerly abducted children and youth, children born in captivity and children living with HIV. The introduction of the...

Helping teachers to learn about climate change in Kenya


Few children under 18 understand anything about climate change and climate change literacy is generally very low in Kenya. Many people don't know what causes climate change and the steps they can take to adapt and mitigate climate change. The Government has not mainstreamed climate change...

Funding required for Girl Power Project in Uganda


Care for African Kids (CFAK) is a Ugandan NGO that takes care of 165 children at its orphanage centre in Wakiso, and provides support towards the childrens' shelter, education, medication, clothing, and food while also attemping to prevent child abuse and violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS, and...

Help to Improve Nutrition , Food Security and Income for Poor Rural Farmers in Kenya


COSDEP through this project will endeavour to empower the farmers of central Kenya with knowledge and skills. This will enable them to reverse the trend towards food insecurity, environmental degradation and resultant poverty by implementing organic farming methods as a sustainable form of...

Community Tree Planting in the Gambia


We aim to assist many groups in the community to protect their environment, and to preserve and manage the forest. We want to introduce a strategic package for tree planting. This will prevent soil depletion which leads to poor growth in both agriculture and farming activities in the...

Economic Empowerment of Indigenous Marginalized Women Groups and Mixed Farming Groups, Cameroon


Non Timber Forest Products had been one of the main products in Ngoketunjia division in the early days that provided house hold incomes use for sponsoring most children to schools and Universities. The past four years the community has had problems in the market due to the unsustainable harvesting,...