Manab Mukti Sangstha (MMS)

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Manab Mukti Sangstha (MMS) is a local level Development Organization established in January 15, 1984 at Sthal Char under Chowhali Upazila in Sirajgonj with a view to “see a society free from poverty, discrimination and risk of natural disasters’. MMS now is working in whole Sirajgonj, Pabna, Tangail, Jamalpur and Bogra districts covering chars and river basin areas.

MMS implements its programs and projects focusing chars and river basin area of the river Jamuna, there is no communication and transportation facilities and it is still remaining as untouched the minimum facilities of electricity and gas. Every year this area become affected by the natural disaster like flood, river bank erosion, cold wave, tornado and drought in several times which damage the lives and livelihoods and stop the normal flow of development. In an average 7 months there is no job opportunity so that they have to migrate to neighboring district even in the capital city for labor selling. In char, there is no minimum health and banking facilities, sanitation condition is very poor and quality education is totally absent. As a result people are to survive fighting with poverty and suffering by disease and unhealthy situation. Due to river bank erosion and complexity of alluvion and diluvion people are losing their own distinction and becoming poorest to the poor.

For this reason the severity of poverty and number of destitute families were increasing day by day. They have access to using land in the char area but they have no legal access to the land. They cannot legally sell or buy the land. More than 50% of the char dwellers have no won land, they are using the land through lease or hovernment or non-government department for changing the living status of char dwellers. As a result people of this area were remaining out of the development flow of modern era. al stakeholders specially donors, INGOs, local government and local administration.


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