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SAFE INDIA is a non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit organization that provides crucial support to people who really need it and organisation located at Villivakkam, Chennai, India. The organization strives to “feeding and guiding needy people so they can reach their full potential". SAFE INDIA exists to help for orphan, tribal, poor, exploited, hungry and marginalized people in India. SAFE INDIA is realizing the sufferings of thousands of thousand homeless abandoned and in community neglected who are suffering without food. SAFE INDIA took initiative to provide nourished food for malnutrition children and plan to expand this program. SAFE INDIA also develop skills required for making a living.

SAFE INDIA helps the social groups and individuals to acquire knowledge of the pollution and environmental degradation, knowledge of the environment beyond the immediate environment including distant environment, acquire a set of values for environmental protection, with an opportunity to actively involve at all levels in environmental decision making. BEST SOCIAL GARDEN is best relief from pollution to the people and it increase the safety for their life. It is a relief for so many diseases, especially asthma people suffering because of pollution. SAFE INDIA plans to plant 2000 plants every month to reduce pollution, soil erosion and global warming.


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1 million - 100 million

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