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Solar electricity for effective women and children health care in health centers in rural areas of Tanzania


Each week, an average of 170 children would line up to be immunized by government issue vaccines delivered from Bagamoyo district hospital, 8 hours drive away with the land cruisers. When vaccine deliveries were delayed, newborn children remained unvaccinated against the diseases that run rampant...

Funding needed for education of the teenage pregnancies problem in Teso, Uganda


The project idea is focusing to help the young girls still in school, but are threatened to drop out of school. The major issues the project is trying to address is the high teenage pregnancy rate which stands at 24.6 per cent. It is a result of harmful attitudes and practices like early/forced...

Help disabled adolescent girls in Pakistan to improve their ability to study


The Society for Disabled Women has conducted a research study on adolescent girls who go to school. These girls between 10-19 come from poor and disadvantaged families and are studying in government and private schools in poor and marginalized communities. The report shows that the drop out rate is...

Solar panels for residential home in India


Our organization, CTRD (Centre for Tribals and Rural Development) Trust, is involved in sustainable development work with tribal and rural communities in the Nilgiri Hills, a mountainous region in Tamil Nadu, India. We have also recently established an old persons’ and children’s home where 20...

Introduce biological sand water filters to countries in Asia Pacific & Africa


Access to and availability of basic services (water, sanitation, energy and communication) at an affordable cost is essential to human development. In particular, the availability of safe drinking water is an indicator of the health of a country. In the developing world, millions of residents lack...

Help to expand solar lighting project in rural Zimbabwe


Light Zimbabwe equips disadvantaged Zimbabwean families with solar-powered lamps. These lamps allow students to study at night, after they have completed necessary chores and work during the afternoon. With light to study, the students’ academic performance greatly improvess and more young people...

Funding Needed for Biogas Plants in India


Fund request to partner with a NGO that can assist in the construction of a centralized Biogas plant in Anandwan, Maharashtra (India). Anandwan is a small village in South India that was first started as a rehab area for leprosy patients, but has expanded into a village surrounded by satellite...

Vocational training and HIV/AIDS awareness to vulnerable groups in Uganda


We are helping our community through the Palmyrah Workers Development Society by working on a project for disadvantaged people in our society; women with disabilities, widows, orphans, and teenage mothers. We address the issues on poverty, gender based violence, HIV/Aids prevalence, and...

Eco camp and environmental education in Tanzania


The conditions in most rural areas in Tanzania prevent development to happen. Economic hardship, lack of knowledge and other structural difficulties lead families to act inefficiently and unaware which in turn reinforces their poverty and environmental depletion. Therefore, Ngeriv's main goals...

Solar PV Appliances needed for distribution to off-grid remote villages in Nigeria


The Alliance for Rural Electrification estimates that over 80% of Africa's rural dwellers do not have access to electricity grids, that's 550 million people in Africa without electric light. In sub-Saharan Africa 58% of the population live without electricity. Of the 2.5 billion people worldwide...