Begeli and Elkana: BIOtiful Life Through Organic Products and Biodiversity

“Begeli” Ltd is a Georgian commercial company, whose objective is to sell and promote local organic products. Begeli was founded in 2005 by the Georgian Fruit and Vegetable Ltd and Biological Farming Association “Elkana”, a Georgian NGO. Elkana currently unites about 344 individual farmers, 12 farmer groups, 4 farmer associations/unions and 10 business units. The organization operates since 1994 with the mission to contribute to sustainable agricultural development in Georgia.

Begeli serves as a direct marketing and distribution channel for Elkana member farmers helping them to avoid costly middlemen. Begeli also pays them a premium for their produce to create an incentive for organic farming. Begeli thus serves as a springboard for Elkana members to get access to markets, to get involved in more efficient supply chains, to obtain knowledge of organic production and to enhance their revenue. Currently, Begeli is still in a start-up phase employing four people with an annual turnover of around $33,500 in 2008. Begeli was able to change the lives of over 400 farmers, by giving them income-generating opportunities, by motivating to intensify the organic cultivation and by ensuring guaranteed sales. Begeli has achieved about 10% annual growth rate during the first two years of operation and the prospects are very promising with high double-digit growth rates. Begeli continues preserving and actively promoting over 250 types of products and seeds, which were reintroduced by Elkana, and its organic farming practices are significantly improving the quality and productivity of the land.

“Elkana and Begeli have united many farmers which gave them the opportunity to interact, share information and cooperate.” Miriam, Elkana’s director

Partnerships between Begali and Elkana have meant that:

  • Elkana have been able to avoid costly middlemen
  • Elkana is paid a premium by Begali to promote organic farming
  • By acting as a springboard, Begali has given Elkana access to local and international markets, get them involved in more efficient supply cahins, increase their knowledge of organic production.

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