Beijing Shengchang Bioenergy S&T Co.: A Leading Bio-Energy Benefits Both Business Itself and Local Farmers in Beijing

Agricultural waste was previously just waste, burned outside in winter. It needs a lot of labour to handle and also produces severe environmental problems. This successful business converts agricultural waste into a valuable product. Beijing Shengchang Bioenergy S&T Co., Ltd. (SBST) is a bioenergy manufacturer located in Beijing, China, that turns agricultural waste into bioenergy, while simultaneously benefiting the local farmers. The company engages in bioenergy production, controlling the process from raw material access to final products and application.

There are two production and value chains: one is collecting and purchasing bio wastes from farmers, then producing Biomass Pellet Fuel (BPF) and selling it to the users for cooking and heating; the other one is developing and manufacturing pellet boilers and stoves, then selling them to farmers and industrial users. Local farmers benefit by earning extra income through selling agricultural waste to the company and also by reducing their fuel expenses if they switch from their traditional burners to biofuel burners. The business has made great impact on the economy, society and the environment. It promotes rural development, thus meeting the goals of the Government of China. Through purchasing agricultural waste (AW) from farmers and promoting biofuel burners, so far it has benefited at least 30,000 households. Families who sell AW to the company can gain an extra CNY 2,400 (US$353) per year, while those families who are using biofuel burners can reduce their fuel expense by CNY 600 (US$88) per year. Meanwhile, the burners reduce coal consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If the government could develop policies to treat the bioenergy industry in the same way as other renewable energy sources in China, the business could be scaled up quickly and have a greater impact.

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