Inclusive Business at the Base of the Pyramid - an ADB project

The BoP-related ADB technical assistance (TA) project, first approved in 2008, aims to develop inclusive business ventures in six selected Asian countries and prepare them for project financing.

Asia’s private sector is increasingly realizing that the base of the income pyramid (BoP), i.e. those living below the $3-$4 poverty line, represents an interesting business opportunity as a substantial new market for goods and services that can improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable, and as a significant pool of entrepreneurship, assets, talent and productivity that can be leveraged for the supply of critical inputs, innovative distribution systems, and skilled labor. Inclusive businesses are private sector investments specifically targeting this low income market with the double purpose of making reasonable profit (i.e. an internal rate of return of 8-20%) and creating tangible development impact through the provision of sustainable decent jobs and better income opportunities, as well as services that matter for the poor’s life.

The project is in partnership with SNV, the Netherlands’ Development Organization, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the William Davidson Institute’s (WDI) work on “The Next Billion” and other development and business organizations.

The website below gives an overview of business enterprise and finance market scoping studies in 10 Asian countries and a lists investment fora to take place in the future.

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