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The CRUPDA (The Coastal Rural and Urban Poor Development Association) is an NGO based the coastal belt area of Bengal. CRUPDA undertakes a range of development activities supported by national and international donors. Among its activities are the provision of employment opportunities for young people, the provision of health facilities including nutrition and sanitation; the provision of educational opportunities, housing, and income generating activities. CRUPDA is also involved in disaster management and family planning, and engages in awareness raising activities in regard to environmental pollution.


Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

500,000 - 1 million

Participant in relevant networks

Stromme Foundation via CODEC; HOPE’87 Bangladesh; Human Development Foundation;

Further information

About this organisation

Partnership types

Advocacy of global issues; Doing business with the poor; Project funding

Regions / countries / territories

Asia: Bangladesh

Global issues

Community development; Environment and climate change; HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, all (3)


Bangladesh: Floods and Landslides - Jul 2011