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Serve India


Serve India is an Indian NGO that works in urban and rural areas in Delhi. Its main focus is on the provision of relief during natural disasters. Other areas in which Serve India is involved include education, health care, micro-enterprise development (MED), income generation, and vocational...

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Corporate Social Responsibility: The WBCSD’s journey


This document is a brief summary of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)'s current thinking on CSR and suggests the transition step to the next generation of work on this topic: from being a key project to becoming a cross-cutting theme. The report is designed to encourage...

Agro Developers


Agro Developers is a Cameroonian NGO whose aim is to encourage farmers to move to organic farming methods instead of using chemicals. The founding members of the organisation comprise agricultural technicians ,agro-economists and community development experts who are involved in capacity building...

NGO Connect


Shakti brings out NGO Connect, which is probably India's first periodical which concentrates only on non-profit NGO news. The newsletter gives information about the work of myriad NGOs in various fields. It covers all major areas like HIV/AIDS, health, corporate social responsibility, etc and also...

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World Business and Development Awards


Established by the International Chamber of Commerce in 2000, the biennial World Business and Development Awards (WBDA) are the first worldwide business awards to recognize the crucial role of the private sector, large and small, in implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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Guide to corporate human rights impact assessment tools


This publication presents an overview of the existing Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) tools for business. It is intended to assist business managers of (multinational) corporations and their stakeholders to find their way in the world of Human Rights Impact Assessments, and provides advice...

Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE)


Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE) is a Togolese NGO that aims to educate, empower and support the youth of Togo, in order to involve them in sustainable development and thus to improve their lives in the future. The organisation is involved in a range of educational projects in schools,...

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)


Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) works with its global network of more than 250 member companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration. BSR leverages its expertise in environment, human rights, economic...

Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia (CSR Asia)


Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia (CSR Asia) is the leading provider of information, training, research and consultancy services on sustainable business practices in Asia. CSR Asia builds capacity and promotes awareness of corporate social responsibility in order to advance sustainable...



The STEER Foundation (Social Development, Technology, Environment, Education and Research&Releases Foundation) is an Indian NGO established in 1994. STEER works with and through young people to promote innovation and the advancement of knowledge for development. STEER has run literacy projects for...