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Under the spotlight: Building a better understanding of global business-NGO partnerships


Focussing specifically on partnerships between business and NGOs, this paper aims to play its part in: * Revealing partnership potential; * Addressing the challenges that working outside one’s comfort zone invariably brings; and * Pushing forward the partnering agenda so that it starts to have...

Corporate Social Responsibility: Overview and Case Studies


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an integral part of business especially for larger corporations. Their programs address issues of poverty, unfair labour practices and the environment alongside government programs and civil society activities. This article will showcase some...

The big idea: Creating Shared Value


How to reinvent capitalism - and unleash a wave of innovation and growth.

Role of Employee Engagement in Disaster Response: Learning from Experience


Role of Employee Engagement in Disaster Response: Learning from Experience, a report, discusses the role of businesses in the relief, recovery and reconstruction process, of natural disasters. It presents an eight point plan for developing an employee engagement approach to disaster response....

Global poverty plans demand business engagement for success


A news article which reports that the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) warns that the UN targets set to reduce global poverty, such as the UN Millennium Development Goals, will fail unless businesses becomes more engaged in the fight against poverty.

International Initiatives To Promote Responsible Business: A Navigation Guide for Business


International Initiatives To Promote Responsible Business: A Navigation Guide for Business provides a user-friendly and impartial guide to help businesses to navigate their way through this maze. It seeks to articulate the key aspects of three cross-industry initiatives: The OECD Guidelines for...

Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises for Sustainable Development


Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises for Sustainable Development, a paper published by the WCSD, discusses the way in which governments can help alleviate poverty by focusing on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and how larger corporations can help themselves by including SMEs in their value...

Logistics & Transportation Corporate Citizenship Initiative


Logistics&Transportation Corporate Citizenship Initiative reviews the work done in pursuit of the organisation's goal of "proactively contributing towards sustainable development" and includes a forward plan for the next five years. It discusses progress made on the following deliverables:...

WBCSD Annual Review 2010/2011


WBCSD’s 2010/2011 Annual Review looks back at the activities carried out in the past year and reflects on the challenges ahead. The review uses Vision 2050 as the red thread to show how the WBCSD’s work programme aligns with the pathway it describes, and the role of business in moving toward a...

Social Entrepreneurs: vital partners for business


"Social Entrepreneurs: vital partners for business", a news article, reports on a meeting of over 80 leaders from international business, non-governmental organisations and government to discuss how partnerships between social entrepreneurs and business can enable companies to address development...