Yayasan Bina Mandiri

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Yayasan Bina Mandiri (YBM) is a non-governmental foundation specializing in programs designed to transform economically disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient and enhance their standard of living. Special emphasis is placed toward the education of children, housing for the homeless, employment opportunities for the unemployed, and community health. YBM is member of AYUB (Asosiasi Yayasan Untuk Bangsa), an association of Christian charity foundations in Indonesia.

A National Nehi’orking Workshop was organized by NGO Yayasan Bina Mandiri Indonesia on 17-19 January 2005 to socialize this project, share best practices, establish a network, and formulate networking action plans in Jakarta. In participation, 16 NGOs across Indonesia- central and local governments gathered. The Realize Education for All (REAL) Network was established during the Networking Workshop consisting of 16 NGOs to create stronger support among the NGOs and stronger collaboration with the Government in achieving the EFA objectives and realizing the rights of out-of-school children to receive education.

In 2005, in post-tsunami, YBM have facilitated medical care to survivors. During the initial two-month start-up phase of the clinic, Intan estimates, more than 600 people were counselled, 4,500 received medical care, and 4,000 children were given nutritional supplements.



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