Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA)

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The Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) carries out problem-oriented, multi-disciplinary research on India’s natural resources, with a focus on conservation and efficient, sustainable exploitation.

CRIDA’s contributions include strategies for agricultural drought management in dry-land areas, and the development of soil and rainwater management technologies, integrated watershed management technologies, integrated nutrient management strategies, and low-cost labour and energy-saving implements.

The organisation also functions as a training and consultancy centre on a wide variety of issues such as watershed development projects, dry-land agriculture and horticulture, soil and water conservation works, and agroforestry. Additionally, it offers research and contract services including the provision of soil and water samples, and resource maps.

The mission of CRIDA is to meet the national expectation during 21st Century, CRIDA is rededicating itself for :

-Conservation, efficient utilization, and enhancement of the quality of natural resources to achieve sustainability,
-Reducing risks associated with uncertain rainfall,
-Increasing productivity for food and nutrition security,
-Diversifying land use for additional employment opportunities, and
-Assured socio-economic growth of the farmers in drylands.



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