Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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Founded in 1972, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s primary concern is to address issues of inequality and disadvantage, particularly in relation to young people. Support concentrates on projects in the UK which respond to these challenges through the arts and education. Direct support is also given to local projects in India, where projects are run by Indian organisations. In India, assistance is given to organisations involved in development schemes, programmes to strengthen NGO’s through training and information exchange and networking and schemes which benefit disadvantaged children. Most grants are one-off for one year only. The Foundation provides some grants for emergency relief. Applicants should telephone the Foundation before applying and grant applications should be applied for in writing on A4 sheets, consisting of not more than five pages. Grants average between L30-100,000. Total grants in 2002 of L4.7m. Grants are divided into three categories: Less than L5000, L5,000-30,000 and up to L100,000.


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Advocacy of global issues; Standards and guidelines development

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Asia: India

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Children, youth and family welfare

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Arts and culture; Education and training