Prince Forde Foundation - Mendewa Clinic and Community Health Centre

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The Prince Forde Foundation is a Local Non Government Organisation.

The aims are:
● To Provide health care service delivery for the poor and marginalized communities in Sierra Leone
● To Establish Schools in the poor and remote communities in Sierra Leone
● To Empower young people in Sierra Leone with knowledge and skills to work for themselves and for the self-sufficiency of Sierra Leone
● To Empower young people in Sierra Leone to develop a strong civic sense of responsibility, to collaborate regionally, economically, spiritually,culturally and socially
● To Empower young people in Sierra Leone to organise and relentlessly pursue peace, justice and human rights at all levels for development and self-sufficiency
● To Empower young people in Sierra Leone to participate in development work through volunteering, gainful employment and to work with young people around the world to make Sierra Leone a destination of choice for youth programs and activities
● To Empower young people to improve on local initiatives and take control over resources that affect them and the communities in which they live
● To Accelerate the development of rural grassroots leadership institutions that promote Youth entrepreneurship, community participation and civic responsibility
● To organize annual camps that will bring children together for the sharing of experiences and learning new things

PFF opened a community clinic in 2018 and its community health centre will be opening shortly in October 2019


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Less than 500,000

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The Prince Forde Foundation is a member of World Association of NGOs (WANGO).

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West Africa Ebola Outbreak - Aug 2014; Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone: Mudslides - Aug 2017