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Paschim Medinipur is the biggest district in West Bengal where people are mostly poor and backward and living in villages. Lots of frustrated unemployed youth are being exploited and found helpless. A few enlightened & energetic youths formed the foundation in the year 1994 to undertake some positive action for enhancing brighter generation creating harmonious environment in the area. Strategies were taken to Co-ordinate village level youth clubs and direct work in the remote areas giving enthusiasm to young members with proper training and extensive services.

Target services : All sorts of social welfare activities for sick, distress, disable persons, aged, helpless, widows, destitute person as well as development of socio-economic and cultural status of backward classes, indigent and weaker section of the Society with peace and justice through arrangement of orientation training motivation for action, education, health service, sanitation, Ambulance facilities, development of agriculture with modern technology, training in different useful trades, self employment etc. The principle of CASS is to achievement of highest co-ordination amongst village level youth clubs through integrated social service involving young members of those clubs with maximum participation of local people for welfare projects and direct work with the people in the neglected area. CASS means common people in a common platform to create a modern Society through Consciousness, utilization of local resources for their lasting life.


(a).Child education Programme (b) Health Service (Mobile), Health Awareness Programme © Youth Development (d) Women’s Development Programme (Awareness, Legal & Social, Leadership etc.) self-help group.(e)Consumer rights and Protection (f) Special need of disabled children (g) Rural training centre. (h) Skill based Self employment training programme.(i) Juvenile Home (CNCP & CCL) (j) CHILDLINE District sub Centre Ghatal (k) Skill based EDP training (l) Consumer Grievance Cell.


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