Global Hand Standards introductory page

The Need For Standards

Standards of best practice stretch across much of the disaster and development spectrum.

Wherever standards have been developed, we are keen to respect those in place rather than re-invent the wheel.

Excellent work has already been done in the fields of human resources and finances.

Less, however, has been done in regard to goods and the logistics needed to move them. Global Hand is therefore developing standards in relation to these areas. This section of our site outlines progress so far.

Standards for appropriate placement of goods

In the battle against world need, Global Hand is among those re-visiting an old solution, with a new perspective: the role of product placement.

The donation of goods is a science with a chequered history. Recent decades have seen the pendulum of opinion swing from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Time was when aid shipments could be sent almost anywhere, with outcomes that, while helpful on some occasions, were a hindrance on others. As time moved on, and the pendulum swung, thinking changed. Much less surplus product is, these days, placed among people in need.

The good news is that far fewer mistakes are made this way. The bad news is that huge volumes of valuable product are being thrown into landfill. It is as if we have thrown out the proverbial baby with the bathwater.

So, today, thinkers are seeking a middle ground, avoiding the spectres of the past, while embracing the wisdom of the present. Global Hand is developing standards by which our members will abide in the placement of product in the field.

You are very welcome to contribute to the standards development on Global Hand.

Please email us at

Why Do Standards Matter?

  • Recipients can trust us in our choices knowing we will not send them inappropriate or harmful goods.
  • Corporate donors can trust us with their goods, knowing we will handle them responsibly.
  • Our peers can partner with us knowing they can depend on our high performance.
  • We can register with and be validated by governments , demonstrating excellence in our records and practices.
  • Sponsors can support us with financial donations knowing we are accountable and transparent.

What Standards Will We Use?

These are being categorised at different levels.

Where we have found existing standards of relevance, we have excerpted them, laid them before Global Hand members and posted on the website accordingly. They are offered with comment boxes to facilitate your input.

Where we have not found existing standards, we are developing them.


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Global issues

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