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Disability issues

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Blind Foundation for India


The Blind Foundation for India is an American NGO established to help in preventing blindness in India. The Foundation focuses on education, rehabilitation and prevention wherever possible. Doctors involved in the Foundation have restored sight to 75,000 people through the removal of cataracts and...

International Committee of the Red Cross - Sri Lanka


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an independent organization whose mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence, and to provide them with assistance. It directs and coordinates the international relief activities conducted by the...

Sarvodaya Headquarters


The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement is a self-governance movement working in ten thousand villages with nearly four million people across Sri Lanka. It works to fulfill human needs such as clean and healthy environment, water, clothing, food, health care, housing, energy, education and spiritual and...

Burned Children's Club

Burn image

The Burned Children's Clubs gives support to young burns survivors and their families. We promote self esteem, and help children come to terms with their altered body image, offer support to parents;- all through fun, recreation and mutual support.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters (BOTW)


Bridge Over Troubled Waters (BOTW) works to promote poverty alleviation and improvements in health and well-being for individuals, families and communities in the UK and overseas. The organization advocates a holistic approach to promoting and maintaining positive mental health, through the...

The Sower House


The House of the Sower is an initiative of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an international interdenominational Christian organisation, operating in more than 900 locations in over 140 countries, with a staff of over 11,000. The House of the Sower provides training in sign language for 12 deaf...

Yad Sarah


Yad Sarah, an Israel-wide network of volunteers, provides a spectrum of free or nominal-cost sevices designed to make home care possible for the sick, disabled, elderly&recuperating people and their families. Some of Yad Sarah's core services include: lending medical equipment, transportation for...

Caritas Internationalis - Singapore


CSCC was set up in November 2006 as the Archdiocesan arm for social and community outreach. Its mission is to help provide leadership to the Catholic community in Singapore in fulfilling the Church’s social mission for the benefit of the broader community. As an enabling body, CSCC works with...

Wheels for the World


Wheels for the World is an outreach programme of Joni and Friends, a faith-based US organisation, dedicated to assisting people with disabilities. Wheels for the World collects and refurbishes wheelchairs in the US, and distributes them with bibles to recipients in developing countries. Wherever...

International China Concern (ICC) - Hong Kong


International China Concern (ICC) - Hong Kong channels medical equipment, personnel, rehabilitation equipment, training resources, clothing and finances into joint venture projects in China. ICC provides pediatric training, occupational and physical therapy, psychology for Chinese government...