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Disability issues

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Sense International


Sense International is the only UK charity working exclusively to meet the needs of deafblind children and adults in developing countries as many of them are put in institutions, kept in isolation at home or literally left on the streets to fend for themselves in many countries. Sense...

Action Sociale et d'Assistance aux Vulnérables et Orphelins


Action Sociale et d'Assistance aux Vulnérables et Orphelins (ASAVO) is an NGO based in Burundi. The Association aims to assist orphans and other vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities. ASAVO sensitises people to the needs of its client groups, and also promotes small and medium sized...

HATI Malaysia


Hati is a free web-based service that provides a window to charities, NGOs and under-privileged communities in Malaysia. The website connects donors, charitable organisations and volunteers, as well as providing information on NGO events and news in Malaysia. Hati enable smaller charities to be...

Douma Society


The Douma Society is a Syrian NGO involved in a range of projects randing from relief work to education and disability services.

A Community Oriented Rehabilitation Network (ACORN)


A Community Oriented Rehabilitation Network (ACORN) offers assistance to and initiates income generating project for children and widows amongst the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq. ACORN also supports a children's rehabilitation centre in the Altai Republic of the Russian Federation. ACORN has...

Derian House Childrens Hospice


Derian House Childrens Hospice provides a caring environment for terminally ill children. They ensure that the children lead as full and normal a life as possible by offering them the optimum support to cope with their illness, along with the best possible medical care.

Advantage Africa


Advantage Africa is a UK based organisation that supports African groups and individuals who strive to overcome hardship within their communities, but do not possess the resources necessary to achieve their goals. It builds partnerships with these "inspirational people," encouraging projects that...

Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust


Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO providing rehabilitative services to people with disabilities. The organisation runs a school for more than 500 disabled and non-disabled children, provides medical care, including corrective surgery and x-ray treatment at medical camps, and runs a...

China Children and Teenagers' Fund


China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF) is an independent, non-profit charity organization supporting disadvantaged children in China. CCTF's mission is to care for, foster and educate children and teenagers, and to assist in developing the education and welfare of children and teenagers,...

UMID Disabled Diabetic Children's Association


UMID Disabled Diabetic Children's Association works to obtain insulin, monitoring equipment and appropriate foods for diabetic children. The organisation also helps mothers to start home-based businesses to cover the costs of insulin.