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Disaster Relief


A considerable body of research exists on disaster and relief recommendations. We are drawing upon these to extract those components that are in-kind specific.

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Red Cross Society trains Coca-Cola staff in disaster response skills


In Thailand, Coca-Cola formed a disaster preparedness partnership with the Thai Red Cross Society to train its employees.

Disaster Response Initiative, European Foundation Centre


Disaster Response Initiative, a joint project of the US Council on Foundations and the European Foundation Centre, addresses independent funders' need for increased understanding of disaster grantmaking. It also provides a set of principles and practical guidelines to assist them in responding to...

Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief - New Zealand


Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief (RedR) delivers training to relief organisations and their staff, enabling them to respond to the needs of disaster hit communities, efficiently and safely. RedR- New Zealand matches people's professional skills such as engineering, health, child...

Disaster Action


Disaster Action is a British charity organisation established in 1991 by the survivors and bereaved of disasters. Focusing on the human aspects of disaster response, it acts as an adviser to government, police, voluntary organisations and in the development of major emergency policy. Using the...

Regional Disaster Information Centerfor Latin America and the Caribbean (CRID)


The Regional Disaster Information Center for Latin America and the Caribbean(CRID) is an initiative promoting the development of a prevention culture in the Latin American and Caribbean countries through the compilation and dissemination of disaster-related information, and the promotion of...

Disaster News Network (DNN)


A news service produced by the Village Life Company, a US-based NGO, the Disaster News Network (DNN) provides information on disaster response, and suggests appropriate ways in which the public can aid those afflicted. Related issues including preparedness and mitigation, public violence,...

Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)


Asian Disaster Reduction Centre (ADRC) facilitates exchange amongst disaster reduction experts, governments and other bodies and accumulates and provides disaster reduction information.

Disaster Mental Health Institute-In progress


The mission of the Disaster Mental Health Institute is the promotion, development, and application of both practice and research in disaster mental health. Its' purpose is to research issues relating to disaster mental health and provide education for the benefit of those dealing with victims of...

Center of Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance


The Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance is a US Department of Defense organization dedicated to international disaster preparedness and management capacity building for the purpose of decreasing the impact of human suffering. Its mission is to educate, train,...