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Assist Livelihood Development and Food Security, Kenya


The project will benefit 30,000 families in the Marsabit, Kenya. The majority of the people are from pastoral communities and they live in a fragile ecosystem. In the face of global climate change, pastoralism is no longer a viable economic activity hence the desire to diversify. Pastoral...

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Microfinance for poor women in Cameroon


Voice of Grace Foundation - Cameroon (VGFC) is a non-profit social and humanitarian organization founded in November 2006, and a member of the Women’s National Forum (WNF). VGFC's vision is to alleviate poverty by developing those who have been marginalized in the community into job creators and to...

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Microfinance, water, and skill development in rural East Africa


Technological Empowerment for Africa (TEFA), started in 2009, is a non-profit organization in East Africa started as a Christian compassion social enterprise. TEFA is working to make a sustainable difference in the lives of the poorest people to overcome the barrier of marginalization by providing...

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Need Funding for Christian Leadership Development in Uganda


SAMARITAN FOR CHILD ACTION NETWORK Uganda (SCAN Uganda) is a Ugandan community based organization that works with vulnerable groups such as orphans, women and people living with HIV/AIDS with service delivery ranging from basic skills for self-reliance, enhancing child education and meet challenges...

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Projects for community development in Zambia


Great Commission for People Development and Orphans gives support to the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable families especially women and children out of school. The project will support to improve family and community welfare to enable to raise their living conditions, reduce the...

VODA Uganda (Volunteers for Development Association in Uganda)


VODA Uganda is a community based organisation serving the poor and disadvantaged children and their families in Namuganga subcounty, a rural part of Mukono District. VODA empowers the poor with skills to enable them to identify, explore and utilise their potential in addressing the problems...

Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc


The Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc promotes educational development opportunities for less fortunate children, students and the people of Papua New Guinea and Greater Melanesia. The Foundation runs three programmes for which they need additional resources: a sponsorship programme...

World Emergency Relief Verified non-profit organisation


World Emergency Relief (WER) is a US based organisation that provides aid and relief to those in need worldwide, in a responsible and culturally appropriate way. Gifts in kind including medicine, food, clothing, seeds, tools, and many other items help meet immediate humanitarian needs and also...

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Vocational training for women and vulnerable children in Uganda


The Charity Foundation Uganda is a community based NGO that operates in the Luuka district. We provide vocational skills designed to lead to job creation and we promote saving and credit schemes. We are also interested in environmental conservation and health. We want to assist young people and...

Bright Hope International Verified non-profit organisation


Bright Hope International seeks to serve the world's absolute poor with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Services provided by Bright Hope International include job creation, family support, economic development and emergency relief.