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Tourism industry and poverty reduction: A business primer

Tourism industry and poverty reduction: A business primer, a policy briefing paper, explains why poverty does matter to tourism businesses and describes what companies – both in the originating and destination countries – can do to contribute to the global effort on poverty reduction.

ALNAP (Active Learning Network for Accountability & Performance in Humanitarian Action)

ALNAP is a network for humanitarian agencies, including members from donor, NGO, Red Cross/Crescent, UN and independent/academic organisations. The network is dedicated to improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian action, through the key themes of Evaluation, Learning, Participation...

CRT Principles for Responsible Business

CRT Principles for Responsible Business set forth ethical norms for acceptable businesses behaviour. The principles are rooted in three ethical foundations for responsible business and for a fair and functioning society more generally, namely: responsible stewardship; living and working for mutual...

How Can My Company Help? - A Guide for Country Managers in Responding to Natural Disasters

How Can My Company Help? - A Guide for Country Managers in Responding to Natural Disasters is intended to help companies prepare for a local corporate response to crises in their country or region. The guide includes information on building partnerships with relief agencies, assessing on-the-ground...

Czech Republic map

A map of the Czech Republic.

Cambodia Customs and Excise Department

The Cambodia Customs and Excise Department website provides information on the state customs administration of Cambodia.

International Symposium on Sustainable Development

The International Symposium on Sustainable Development was held in Hong Kong on 10-11 June 2002. The aim was to bring together local stakeholders and thinkers and internationally renowned experts to share their experience and views on sustainable development, with the main theme being...

Foreign embassies in Washington DC

This electronic database provides details on each of the embassies based in Washington, US, with links to web-based resources where available.

Role of Employee Engagement in Disaster Response: Learning from Experience

Role of Employee Engagement in Disaster Response: Learning from Experience, a report, discusses the role of businesses in the relief, recovery and reconstruction process, of natural disasters. It presents an eight point plan for developing an employee engagement approach to disaster response....

Doing Business with the World: The New Role of Corporate Leadership in Global Development

Doing Business with the World, a publication of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), describes how companies can contribute to global sustainable development through their core businesses in a way that is profitable for the companies and good for development.

UNOCHA Customs Directory

To assist those requiring information for shipping goods during disasters, UNOCHA provides contact details for the state customs departments. Where available, this online directory also lists customs regulations that are relevant to humanitarian cargo.

BBC micro enterprise article: "Tales of Africa's entrepreneurs"

BBC News Online says that while the world's leaders are "thrashing out strategies to improve the plight of the poor in Africa", many aid agencies are stressing that genuine progress must come from "small-scale projects as well as large international initiatives". The article then tells the tale of...

United Nations Calendar of Conferences and Meetings

The calendar of conferences and meetings of the United Nations is prepared by the Meetings Control Section of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management. Conferences can be searched by date, venue, or year.


This web-based travel organisation has a facility for booking flights. It allows the user to be flexible with dates, as it will search for the cheapest fare within a certain period.

Baltic Sea Customs Conference - Lithuania

Representatives from the customs administrations of the Baltic Sea States together with the EU Commission attended this conference. They discussed and evaluated the progress made since the previous Conference in 1999. The site contains contact details for customs offices in Lithuania and ten other...

Communitybuilders.nsw - Funding Sources

The NSW Government's Community builders web site offers links for funding sources.

Relief Web - Israel page

The Relief Web is a UN project serving the information needs of the humanitarian relief world. The Web includes a country-by-country guide, with an entry for Israel. Topics include disaster history, vulnerable groups and other related information reported by different media and organisations. There...

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Country-by-country

This United Nations organisation provides a country-by-country guide to the latest statistical data on poverty indicators. Statistics are given under topics such as education, nutrition, mortality, and water and sanitation. All the data comes from the appropriate United Nations agency whenever...

Article: Materials for the Arts (MFTA)

News story about a New York based gifts-in-kind organisation with a 22,000 sq. foot warehouse. MFTA provides arts materials to support schools, other educational establishments, and non-profit organisations in the local area.

Mongolia map page

A United Nations map resource, with general maps of Mongolia, and geographical maps, showing disaster-related features. Includes maps showing the areas affected by recent natural disasters.