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US Agency for International Development (USAID) - Supports Economic Empowerment for the World's Poor Through Microfinance (press release)

The press release from USAID outlines the agency's involvement in micro enterprise development projects during the 1990s, and claims that ‛micro enterprise development, providing credit and economic opportunity to the disenfranchised poor, helps ensure that the benefits of economic growth are...

NGO Registry - Armenia

NGO Registry - Armenia, maintained by the NGO Centre, is a database of NGOs operating within Armenia.

Diplomatic List: Embassy and Consular Contacts in the USA

The Office of the Chief of Protocol publishes the Diplomatic List, which contains a complete list of the accredited diplomatic officers of foreign embassies within the United States, and publishes Foreign Consular Offices, a complete listing of the foreign consular offices in the United States.

Ceres Principles

Ceres Principles is a ten-point code of corporate environmental conduct publicly endorsed by companies as an environmental mission statement or ethic. Imbedded in that code of conduct is the mandate to report. By endorsing the Ceres Principles or adopting their own comparable code, companies not...

Directory of Funding Sources for Environmental NGO's

The Directory of Funding Sources for Environmental NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) offers information about 164 different funding institutions. It covers 15 CEE countries in which the REC (Regional Environmental Center) is active and also some newly independent states. The directory was...

World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF): Spring Meeting, 14-15 April 2007, and Annual Meeting, 19-21 Oct 2007

The World Bank is a specialised UN agency with a mandate of reducing poverty globally. The World Bank supports the efforts of developing country governments to build schools and health centers, provide water and electricity, fight disease, and protect the environment. There are two annual meetings...


Owned by the Charitable Aid Foundation, CharityNet is a dedicated charity information site, designed to benefit anyone with an interest in philanthropy, wherever they are in the world. Receiving over 20,000 visitors each month from more than 100 countries, CharityNet can be used as a tool for...

Sports Volunteering in England 2002

This report, published in July 2003 by Sport England, builds on the base established by the Sports Council in 1995 with the publication of Valuing Volunteers in UK Sport (Sports Council 1996). The 1996 study was the first comprehensive investigation of the scale and value of volunteering in UK...

WBCSD Annual Review 2010/2011

WBCSD’s 2010/2011 Annual Review looks back at the activities carried out in the past year and reflects on the challenges ahead. The review uses Vision 2050 as the red thread to show how the WBCSD’s work programme aligns with the pathway it describes, and the role of business in moving toward a...


WelcomeEurope provides a searchable database of European Union funding opportunities

Middle East NGOs Gateway Project (MENGOS)

MENGOS is an Internet gateway containing information about non-governmental organisations (NGOs), funding agencies, events, projects and other topics relevant to NGOs across the Arab Middle East.

US-Angola Chamber of Commerce

US-Angola Chamber of Commerce portal provides legal and trade information applicable to trade between the USA and Angola.

Pfizer Global Health Fellows: Expanding Access to Healthcare Through Cross-Sector Partnerships

Pfizer Global Health Fellows: Expanding Access to Healthcare Through Cross-Sector Partnerships, a case study, evaluates the response of Pfizer Inc. to the HIV/AIDs endemic. It focuses on the efforts of the its Fellows Program to support HIV/AIDS service NGOs in developing countries. In this...

World Travel Guide - Visa Information

The World Travel Guide visa information page provides information about visas needed for travel to countries around the world.

Measuring the Impact of Humanitarian Aid: A Review of Current Practice

Measuring the Impact of Humanitarian Aid: A Review of Current Practice, a report of the Humanitarian Policy Group at the Overseas Development Institute, investigates the current state of the art in measuring and analysing the impact of humanitarian assistance. The report is concern with questions...

Dominica Information

A development information website, with a country profile on Dominica. Sections on poverty, trade, economics, aid and food security provide links to relevant pages. The site also includes a map section, and a list of government bodies.

Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies Minimum Standards

Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies Minimum Standards express a committment to the notion that all individuals – children, youth and adults – have a right to education during emergencies, both natural and man-made. The standards are qualitative in nature and are intended to be...

Azerbaijan map

A map of Azerbaijan.

Disaster Database Project

The Disaster Database Project is a collection of data on man-made and natural disasters around the world. Its focus is to capture critical data on events and to facilitate further exploration of incidents. As a living database, entries change as additional material on an event becomes available. It...

Guiding Principles on Internally Displaced Persons

The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement restate and compile human rights and humanitarian law relevant to internally displaced persons.