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Christian Aid Ministries (CAM)

Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) is incorporated as a non-profit organisation under the laws of Ohio. It provides a trustworthy, efficient channel for Amish,Mennonite and other conservative Anabaptist groups and individuals to minister to physical and spiritual needs around the world. CAM has a...

World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS)

The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) is a nonprofit, non-sectarian, member-supported organisation dedicated to spreading a message of peace around the world. Since 1990, the organisation has been affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information - in this capacity, the Society...

What Colour Is Love (formerly The Dignity Project)

The Dignity Project grew out of the Children’s Dignity Project which was established as an educational foundation in 1995. The project has evolved into a broader multi-faceted organisation with education and communication at its core, publishing books and other materials highlighting the need for...

University College Utrecht (UCU)

University College Utrecht (UCU) is Utrecht University's international Honors College. Specializing in undergraduate education, it offers the Utrecht BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BSc (Bachelor of Sciences) Honors degrees. UCU boasts a highly diverse student body, with only 2/3 of its 650 students being...

HOPE Family Centre

HOPE Family Centre is a member of the National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations in UK. The centre works for the development of children and families and provides care, support and education.

Reservoirs of Compassion (RECO)

Reservoirs of Compassion (RECO) is a Christian non-governmental organisation based in Kampala, Uganda. Organisational activities are broad in focus, and include community development (such as through micro-enterprise initiatives), assisting HIV/AIDS victims, running adult literacy programmes,...

Euracom Equipment

Euracom Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of armoured vehicles such as 4x4, armoured limousines, armoured vans/buses and cash-in-transit cars. The company and its international network of subsidiaries and partners offers logistical and service support worldwide.

Medisend International

MediSend International gathers surplus medical, surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic medical supplies and equipment, and distributes them, free of charge, to qualified hospitals in developing countries that primarily serve the indigent population. Medisend also offers educational programs in...

Expansión Exterior

Expansión Exterior is a state-owned Spanish company which supports the internationalisation of Spanish business, and provides services for foreign companies wishing to develop their business in Spain. The company supports SME's, and acts as a facilitator between Spanish exporters and business...

Compact AS

Compact AS manufactures and distributes emergency, therapeutical and supplementary compressed dehydrated packaged food and water products. These products are targeted towards areas including disaster relief, special dietary programmes and emergency preparedness storage. Many of the products are...

Central Asian Partners

Central Asian Partners is involved in a wide variety of projects from rural village medical clinics and maternal health projects, to providing visiting professors to teach university seminars, as well as locating and shipping equipment and supplies needed by field personnel.

Rotary World Community Service Resource Network

Rotary World Community Service Resource Network (WCSRN) is a global network of Rotarians with special expertise who can provide comprehensive information and advice to clubs and districts on successful approaches to carrying out international service projects.


TREE is a secular and non-profit voluntary organisation striving for the overall development of poor and vulnerable groups in the remote and backward areas of Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Society of Christian Missioners

The Society of Christian Missioners is a ministry of St John's Orthodox Catholic Church in St Petersburg, Florida. The organisation provides transitional housing for homeless men recovering from substance abuse at two facilities in downtown St Petersburg.

Kiribati Protestant Church Education Office

The Kiribati Protestant Church is a Christian Church that focuses upon many issues relating to the local community, including the effects of environmental degradation, population growth and the promotion of Christianity. The Church runs many local programmes, mainly focussing upon the providing of...

Maranatha Foundation

The Maranatha Foundation is part of the Maranatha Ministries, an evangelical Christian organisation. The Foundation raises funds for the ministry, and offers donors free advice about tax wise giving and long term donations.

Sudanese Gospel Mission (SGM)

The Sudanese Gospel Mission (SGM) was founded by a group of Sudanese refugees in the Netherlands. SGM has been helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of displaced Sudanese. Today there are five SGM churches in northern Uganda and five in southern Sudan. It promotes development in a wide...

YWAM Cook Islands

Youth With A Mission (YWAM), founded in 1960, is an international interdenominational Christian organisation, operating in more than 900 locations in over 140 countries, with a staff of over 11,000. YWAM aims to spread the love of God through helping with the practical and physical needs of people...

Promoters of Liberian and Canadian Relationship Inc.

The Promoters of Liberian and Canadian Relationship operate in two areas. One is to promote cross-cultural relationships between Liberia and Canada. The second is to complete community projects in rural Liberia, including the construction of public buildings, providing education and training,...

Integrated Developmental Education Activate Society [IDEAS]

Integrated Developmental Education Activate Society (IDEAS) is a non-governmental organisation based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. IDEAS provides emergency relief projects and rehabilitation to tsunami-hit women through income generation activity like fish pickle making programmes.