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Zero Aeons AB

Services include International Business Development through Personal Development, from an individual perspective, for sustainable and profitable enterprises.


JPAis a small Sydney based architectural firm that specializes in retail, commercial, and hospitality office design. The firm places a strong focus on ensuring that its projects are environmentally sustainable. It takes pride in creative, well thought out design backed up by strong client...

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Afghanistan

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is an international aid agency that works with communities and governments in 157 countries for the survival, development and protection of children worldwide. In Afghanistan, UNICEF is involved in activities including immunising children, creating and...

Church of God

This Kenya-based church has a charitable arm that assists orphans and others in need.

Christ Church Bangkok

Christ Church Bangkok is a faith-based community group which supports numerous orphanages and was involved in the tsunami response in coalition with a number of other organisations to aid those affected.

Hands for Help Nepal

Hands for Help Nepal works with grass-root-level communities to mobilise international and local volunteers in different projects. Hands for Help also works to strengthen the capacity, skills and knowledge of voluntary development organisations and to provide support and create opportunities to the...

Dreamlivers Network

Dreamlivers Network is a NGO (non-government organisation) that provides an aid-oriented network of services to men and women, with a focus on young people, to help make people's dreams a reality.

Rural Family Life Development Ghana

Rural Family Life Development Ghana is an NGO that aims to assist rural communities and projects in the general area of health, education and micro-finance. The organisation has made donations of equipment to schools and other organisations, and is also involved in a micro-finance project for 40...

Joseph Project

The Joseph Project, a project of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, has 30 humanitarian aid centres throughout Israel and a 16,000 sq. foot (1,500 sq. metre) warehouse in the centre of the country. The Project imports containers from America and distributes aid to all sectors of the country,...

A Broader View Volunteers Corp (ABV)

A Broader View Volunteers is a registered 501 c(3) nonprofit charity located in Pennsylvania. A Broader View (ABV) organizes and operates short and long term international volunteer programs, focused on humanitarian issues, in developing countries around the world.

Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC)

Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC) aims at improving the quality of life of the local communities with focus upon women, youths, handicaps, orphans and vulnerable children by contributing to sustainable development through education, advocacy, health and community development, micro-lending,...

Harvest Ministries

The Harvest Foundation is a Christian organisation that trains small churches in holistic ministry, which includes an element of community development. Harvest works in 18 countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia, setting up churces and supplying them with small group discipleship and ministry...

Bethany Christian Trust

Founded in 1983 as a homelessness charity, Bethany Christian Trust helps homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland to find, equip and maintain homes as well as address the root causes of homelessness such as addiction, poverty, poor welfare, unemployment, lack of education, social exclusion. ...

Care & Love Foundation

The Care&Love Foundation is a faith-based organisation. The Foundation's mission is to reach out the deprived and the poor in society through educating and training people about HIV/AIDS. Also, the Care&Love Foundation provides assistance to women and the aged, and organises education...

Education Training & Service for Community - Nepal (ETSC-N)

Education Training&Service for Community - Nepal (ETSC-N) addresses poverty alleviation, economic development, human trafficking, rehabilitation for landless people and conflict resolution within Nepal, with special emphasis upon women, youth and Dalit communities.

Indian Society for Social Action (ISSA)

Indian Society for Social Action (ISSA) aims at sustainable development of people living in rural areas and to making them self-reliant. ISSA strives to improve the standards of living of the rural poor and make their lives more meaningful. ISSA is working in the field of rural development with...

Vishvakalyan Society

Vishvakalyan Society's mission is to provide comprehensive health care to the people who are in need.

Youth With A Mission England

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) England is a Christian ministry which is part of YWAM International with the main aim of helping the British youth to know God better, and to make Him known to others around the world. Their goal is to ease suffering and provide hope for those affected by poverty,...

Lady Reading Hospital

Lady Reading Hospital is a post graduate medical institute in Pakistan, offering assistance to local residents, most of whom live under the poverty line. The hospital has central programs for teaching and patient care for children, men, women and elderly.

Loving Hands Ministries

Loving Hands Ministries activities include the management of rehabilitation centres and orphanages, free education for the poor, health care and nutrition for the aged, and raising HIV/AIDS awareness.