African Friends in Need Network (AFINNET)

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African Friends in Need Network (AFINNET) promotes rural community development initiatives and projects focusing upon community participation and capacity building. Women, children and youth are AFINNET’s primary beneficiaries. AFINNET gives grants to community programmes which are administered by grass-roots organisations under micro-finance arrangements.

AFINNET seeks to uplift communities by engaging illiteracy, poverty and diseases at the household level.

They support a wide range of community-based initiatives. AFFINET gives grants to grass root groups, work in close cooperation with local civic leaders, and partner with other agencies to develop cost-effective programs that target specific needs. Networking is the key to AFINNET operations.

AFFINET encourages lifelong learning, and organize adult literacy courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences to empower the rural poor. They strengthen community structures by training community leaders and health care providers to deal more effectively with disease, illiteracy and poverty.

AFFINET’s programs include:

  • Social Outreach
  • Youth
  • Women Empowerment
  • Children’s School Assistance
  • Information Technology
  • Heifer and Live Stock Improvement
  • Safe Water


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