Pamoja Women Development Programme

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PAWDEP seeks to empower Kenyan women financially to run viable, competitive, and rewarding enterprises that can compete locally and internatioally, by providing microfinance solutions to women groups running small scale industry and farming.

Recognizing the role played by the women in the provision of family needs in the homesteads in our society, PAWDEP’s clients are all women.

The main objective of PAWDEP is to empower these poor rural and urban women both socially and economically through development of sustainable economic activities, hence alleviating poverty in the country.

Considering the fact that there are different strata of economically disadvantaged women population in our country (Kenya), PAWDEP works with three different groups of entrepreneurs namely: Survival enterprises, Family enterprises and Growth enterprises with less than 10 employees.


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Doing business with the poor; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

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Africa: Kenya

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Community development; Education and training; Job creation and enterprise development; all (4)