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The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) is a charitable football Organisation to train less privilege African Children and also provide equal opportunities for Disabled youths. The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) plays a vital role in the economic and social well being of our communities, state and nation. AVFAL provide a means for people to contribute time, resources and expertise for a greater good. The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) is in a position to work in partnership with foundations, churches and community development organisation worldwide to meet brand as well as corporate social responsibility and objectives. Young people and sport is a powerful combination, and we all need to work together to develop and nurture healthy active lifestyles amongst all young people. We recognize that sport can create a spirit of adventure and creativity that’s why we aims to inspire 8 to 22 year old youth while helping schools meet their behaviour improvement targets through a structured programme of activities. AVFAL FOOTBALL AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT What is AVFAL Football for Development Programme? Football for Development evolved out of the growing evidence that strengthening the right of children to play, enhances their healthy physical and psychosocial development and builds stronger communities. Football is now recognized by many as an effective tool in the pursuit of development and peace including international experts in the fields of development, education, health, sport, economic and conflict resolution. Our Well-designed Football and play programs put children on a positive path to healthy development. Specifically, Football and play programs help foster three key protective factors in the well being our children. I. Resilience by building confidence through skill acquisition; II. A meaningful connection to adults through the coaching relationship and; III. A sense of safety and security through regular activity. Football and play also serve as tools to teach important values and life skills including self-confidence, teamwork, communication, inclusion, discipline, respect and fair play. Football also has psychological benefits such as reducing depression and improving concentration. Football and play improve health and well being, extend life expectancy and reduce the likelihood of several non-communicable diseases including heart disease. Football has a positive impact on child education. Physical education typically improves a child’s ability to learn, increases concentration, attendance and overall achievement. Football has the potential to contribute to the economic development our communities and nations. Football events can have significant economic impact. The popularity and convening power of sport provides us with a powerful tool for reaching people and communicating important messages including messages of health and peace. Football brings people together and has the potential to cross boundaries and open new dialogues. Many of the core values of football parallel those necessary for peace, such as respect, justice and honesty. Children learn better when they are having fun and being active. Our Football programs are crafted to uphold the values of development, equity, inclusion and sustainability.


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