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Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) uses the power and the popularity of the game of football as a tool for social and economic development. Founded in 2008, VAP has grown from a small scale football-based life skills initiative to an internationally respected non-profit that aims to encourage healthy, active and economically stable lifestyles among Kenyan youth and vulnerable populations.

VAP believes that youth are great agents of driving positive change. The programs are aimed at empowering youth to be mentors of other young people, to drive the change from within Nairobi’s communities. For 2 decades, VAP has worked to specifically engage the most vulnerable boys and girls, single mothers and youth with intellectual developmental disability (IDDs) from under privileged communities.

VAP’s comprehensive model engages young people in core life skills programming and then integrates them into vocational training and apprenticeship courses which paves the way for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. VAP’s work uses a girl-centric model to create a safe space that focuses on life skill education, parenting, support and income generating activities. At the heart of theses programmes is a desire to increase the self-reliance of young mothers and help vulnerable populations move out of poverty


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