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Roads Of Success (ROS) is a Southern California non-profit organization striving to advance human rights in the Middle East and advance the quality of life for people both locally and internationally.


ROS is devoted to serving women, refugees (IDPs) and persecuted minorities throughout the Middle East by empowering them through media and education, advocating for equal rights and freedoms and supporting their needs to maximize their future potential. ROS particularly works with displaced Yazidi and Christians in Iraq and Syria as they are the ones most targeted by ISIS and terrorist groups. ROS aims to help millions around the globe reach their potential and positively influence their societies for a better world.

Roads of Success (ROS) is a 501©(3) humanitarian organization devoted to serving Middle Eastern women and persecuted minorities by empowering them through education, media, and medical attention, advocating for the rights and freedoms, and supporting their needs to maximize their future potential


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