Bihndumlem Humanitarian Association Of Peace and Hope (BIHAPH )

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BIHAPH is a non-profit grass root humanitarian organization registered in the United States and in Cameroon. BIHAPH aims to work towards conflict prevention, humanitarian assistance, livelihood and peace building.

The foundation supports vulnerable women, girls, children and youths especially those affected by wars, conflict and disasters with basic needs, shelter, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship to ensure long-term economic development within impoverished rural communities in Cameroon. BIHAPH works towards turning these into healthy, productive places for vulnerable children, young girls, youths, women to grow up, and live their full potentials and be useful to themselves and their communities. Today BIHAPH is active in the fight to save vulnerable persons from poverty, helping more than 10.000 persons living in poor rural communities through sponsorship programs, education, health provision and vocational training. The foundation aims to unravel the lines of poverty, allowing children and vulnerable persons to grow up having dreams to succeed in life according to Christian values. BIHAPH also reaches out to prisoners as part of mission to bring hope and relief to the suffering and those living without hope.

A world where no-woman, girl or child lives in poverty, fear or oppression; where all have access to a decent standard of living and the opportunities and choices essential to a long, healthy and creative life; a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


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