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Chi Heng Foundation, founded in 1998, is a charity registered in Hong Kong (Ref No. 91/6187). “Chi Heng” means “wisdom in action”.

The foundation aims to promote equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination against minority groups and under-privileged members of the society. With primary focus on supporting the AIDS-impacted children, Chi Heng has also extended services to other students who have endured poverty, sickness in the family, or discrimination. This charity helps the students through proper care and psychosocial programs and education expense sponsorship, so they will overcome their childhood trauma of seeing their beloved parents battle with AIDS and discrimination by surrounding people for being from AIDS families.

The goal is to help them empower themselves through education, so they will stand on their own feet, be confident in life, and have a giving spirit to help others.

Chi Heng has expanded their reach beyond Hong Kong and operates in China, Singapore and Canada.


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