Israel Relief Aid, R.A.

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Israel Relief Aid, R.A. is an Israeli Registered non-profit organization with a team of experts with experience in humanitarian aid for over 16 years, supplying humanitarian aid stations all over Israel — for new immigrants, the homeless, unemployed and single-parent families. This organization also supplies to hospitals, children’s welfare villages, the IDF, Holocaust Survivor centers, facilities for the disabled and other institutions.

Their managerial-logistics professionals import large-scale aid utilizing innovative and cost effective methods – keeping running costs lower than normal with a funding rate of 80% towards aid containers themselves (equivalent to a high A+ rate).

The team in Israel has a working relationship with government infrastructure and 18+ years of experience in importing 520 large shipping containers!

Their team in Netherlands has its own logistics service, multiple warehouses, and experience in humanitarian projects in Europe / regional crisis areas (Ukraine and others) shipping containers of aid to over 40 countries, supplying loads of aid to the Red Cross and working in the field since 1993 — sending out tens of thousands of aid shipments.


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Less than 500,000

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