Action Lab for Development

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Action Lab for Development (ACTLAB Cameroon) is a NGO that works with rural communities on a range of issues including social entrepreneurship, agriculture and COVID-19 response and preparedness in Cameroon.

ACTLAB also trains/sponsors orphans, providing education, food and other basic necessities, and recruits volunteers from the UK and the US.

The main activities of ACTLAB have been/are:

. To support local initiatives oriented towards creative innovation and entrepreneurship by providing tools and opportunities that track continuous improvement
. To educate and promote the training of entrepreneurs in terms of social welfare and fair business participation through sensitization
. To facilitate knowledge–sharing between entrepreneurs, institution and other organizations by promoting networking and training activities
. To mentor young entrepreneurs on skills and techniques that can enable a more clear view of a social business environment
. To promote skills based volunteering in youth and universal access to research and education by building digital platforms for community knowledge commons and supporting local ingenuity.


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Less than 500,000

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North West Association of Development Organizations Platform of Actors for the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Cameroon

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Africa: Cameroon

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Job creation and all (7)