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Preach Peace Organization’s objective is to make available basic opportunities to enhance the welfare and wellbeing for less privileged and vulnerable young people including children, women and persons with disability.

The interventions are specifically tailored to alleviate poverty, model dreams and talents aimed at maximizing the fullest potentials of the Target beneficiaries.

The organization was formed to develop the life people in partnership and consultation with key community stakeholders, children, youth groups and religious/faith based organizations within Sierra Leone specifically in the best interest of providing tailored interventions aimed at reducing the prevalent effects of economic vulnerability of children, promoting youth’s behavioral change and hence providing inclusive capacity building for self-reliance and thus enhancing sustainable social independence in the lives of children, women, youths and persons with disability.

Preach Peace Organization works to effectively maximize the wellbeing of less privileged children and enhance youth’s active participation and involvement in upholding and promoting a sustainable development through agricultural and participatory support in governance at grass root levels, through effective information dissemination, advocacy, lobbying, dialogue, civic education and community driven activities.

Preach Peace Organization seeks partnership with other civil society organizations in the country. Their operations are geared towards the grass root in every community. The moto: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” reflects the well-being of the majority of the people they defend and work with.
Preach Peace Organization also works to remind the beneficiaries about their civic responsibilities as good citizens of Sierra Leone. They believe as an organization that when the rights of people are protected and their civic responsibilities lobbied then development and peace are sure to become a reality.


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500,000 - 1 million

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