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Ngece Rinjeu Foundation for Education and Economic Empowerment (NRF) is a registered Non-Government, non-profit family-sponsored foundation with an aim of empowering youth and women through education and green-entrepreneurship. NRF was founded in the year 2001, as an education and climate mitigation focused foundation that supported needy children and families in Meru District. It is formally registered as Non-Governmental and non-profit Organization (NGO) under the section 10 of the NGO Coordination Act, laws of the Republic of Kenya.

NRF’s main objective and long term goal is to promote grassroots community development through building the capacity of the Meru community (women and youth) in green-enterprise; and providing access to education and better living standards for all children (including orphans and abandoned kids).

The Ngece Rinjeu Rescue and Empowerment Centre
Through a donation of land worth USD 100,000 by the family of Ngece, the foundation is constructing a Rescue and Empowerment centre whose purpose is to provide refuge to abandoned children in Tharaka Nithi and Meru Counties. The centre will also act as an Empowerment and Innovation Hub for skilled children and youth in the two counties. Construction of facilities at the centre has started thanks to donations from national and international friends of the foundation.

The Women and Youth Enterprise Program
By applying the Merry-Go-Round concept, the women and youth groups assess small loans and grants to engage in economic activities aimed at raising incomes to provide better education and health benefits to their families. Youth groups set-up clean energy supply and repair franchises to serve the schools and community while women groups engage in table banking. Solar lanterns and energy efficient cook-stoves are a main feature in the enterprise program.

The Clean Energy for Education and Health Program
Through this program, whose nucleus revolves round the rural school set-up, schools and community participate in assessing and developing clean energy technologies such as solar lanterns, small and micro-hydro projects to light the community around. Schools that have no access to on-grid lighting are able to access solar powered lighting systems so that pupils can read at night and assess basic items such as solar powered computers. By using the day-schools as the base of pyramid; homesteads around gain access to the solar powered lanterns, small and micro-hydro systems and water purification technologies at a fraction of costs. Under the proramme a campaign to plant 10 Million Trees in schools has begun.

The Ngece Rinjeu Scholarship Fund
The rate of school drop-out in Tharaka Nithi and Meru Counties is enormous. With support from friends internationally, the foundation set-up a scholarship fund so that all bright but financially challenged pupils are able to attend schools of their choice in the county. The fund also includes partial scholarship to the foundations Empowerment centre (for primary level education) and Detra Africa Training Institute (for tertiary level education).


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