Institute of Sustainable Development

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Institute of Sustainable Development Organization was formed with concerned young professionals and social entrepreneurs to combat effects of global warming, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Environmental Pollution and climate change.

The organization promotes food security, anti-hunger and nutrition, wildlife conservation, biodiversity, access to clean drinking water, sanitation, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, environmental policy, governance and education.

The Organization is exempted from other forms of tax since it is a public charitable organization under the laws of Malawi.

The founding secretariat is made up of youthful professionals with passion and vast experience for Environmental work. These are young men and women from different professional backgrounds, trained in different colleges and universities and would like to give back to the society. The combination of young professionals in organizational management, finance, administration and project management expertise is a prime priority in recruiting the staff at secretariat.

Networking and Collaboration

The Institute of Sustainable Development has established partnerships and networks locally and internationally. This enables ISD to properly articulates issues and have broader understanding of global issues in promoting indigenous human rights.

1. To advocate and monitor policies related to Environmental Global Conventions and Climate Change.
2. To promote entrepreneurship and a culture of savings among women and the youth
3. To promote nutrition, food security and economic empowerment
4. To promote access to safe and clean drinking water as well as proper sanitary facilities
5. To promote sustainable economic empowerment and renewable energy technologies
6. To protect endangered species through conservation of wildlife and biodiversity


Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

Participant in relevant networks

1. Roundtable on sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) in Geneva, Switzerland 2. R20 regions of Climate Change in Geneva Switzerland 3. The World Mountain Partnership at Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, Italy 4. The Global Business and Human Rights Platform in New York, United States. 5. The Africa Great Lakes Conservation Network in Kigali, Rwanda 6. The Africa Coalition on Corporate Accountability (ACCA) in Accra, Ghana 7. The Natural Resources Justice Network of Malawi 8. The Civil Society Network on Climate Change in Malawi 9. The NGO Gender Coordination Network in Malawi 10. The Malawi Health Equity Network 11. The Civil Society Education Coalition (CISEC) in Malawi The organization also promotes natural resources conservation in Malawi by coordinating with the following institutions: 1. United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 2. The Department of Parks and Wildlife of Malawi Government 3. The Department of Culture responsible for World Heritage Conservation in Malawi 4. The Department of Forestry 5. The Environmental Affairs Department

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Africa: Malawi

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Job creation and all (7)