Centre Notre Espoir en Action

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The Association CENTRE NOTRE ESPOIR EN ACTION (CENESPAC), in short, is an operational humanitarian association in Burundi based in Bujumbura and has been working for 8 years for the development of vulnerable people through education, training, health, nutrition and socio-professional reintegration, social assistance, water and environmental conservation. It also supports them through microcredit and the contribution of primary care.


The Association CENTRE NOTRE ESPOIR EN ACTION (CENESPAC) was created in 2008 and officially recognized by the government of Burundi, under Ministerial Order N ° 530/55 of 14/01/2014. It is a secular and apolitical structure.

The first actions were carried out informally under the initiative of Mr. MSONGO SUNGULA WAMWALA Raymond the President of the Association. The Association offered clothes and shoes to vulnerable people in difficulty. The latter also benefited from nutritional assistance for their malnourished children. The Association succeeded in carrying out these actions through to the donations it received from the churches, well-wishers and volunteers.

In order to prevent the resurgence of children on the street, the association has oriented its actions on their prevention.


Main objective

-Improving living conditions, to find solutions to socio-economic problems with a view to building a viable, just and developed society.

Specific objectives

*Ensure the schooling of poor children through education support
*Empower the poor to (re) become actors in their own lives by helping others
*Improve food, curative and preventive care for beneficiaries
*Empower vulnerable people through recreational activities to promote their social and professional reintegration
*Improve the family, social and economic conditions of the families of children in difficult circumstances.

For transparency to donors, the SENESPAC will Share accounts with beneficiaries, each year, the control of an independent accountant. They are certified by an auditor appointed by the General Assembly of the members.

All actions are built with big collaboration, especially at the execution phase of projects.

The hard motivation, the disponibility of the local community, projects, actions, the cooperation of the administration are key points of this association.

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Less than 500,000

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CENESPAC our association is a member of a local network of associations «Development associations Forum». CLUB STOP SIDA

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