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Helping vulnerable children access education in northern Tanzania


To make this mission a reality, Henmaq offers support in a variety of ever-expanding ways. Their goal is to provide education, at all levels, to each woman. Many of the women have never attended school and are unable to write their names or do simple arithmetic. Others have a basic education, but not enough to allow them to obtain jobs in fields that would enable them to earn a greater income. By providing education across the board, they are not only empowering the women, but also, giving them the much needed tools that will help them to create a brighter future. Most of the women are not only caring for their own children, but also the children of relatives who have died of HIV-related illnesses. Henmaq enrolls them in high quality day and boarding schools and supply them with uniforms, books and other required materials, from pencils to mattresses. also to ensure the children receive a quality education that will help them to realize their potential and create a future filled with the basics of life: food, clean drinking water, access to medical care.

Henmaq Foundation has introduced the Co-Sponsorship Program. Sponsors can now choose to sponsor a part of a child’s tuition. This gives more people the opportunity to give the gift of an education to a child. A co-sponsor, is able to develop a personal connection with the sponsored child. Henmaq Foundation is passionate about inspiring young minds to realize education leads to prosperity and an improved livelihood over the long term – not just for the individual child, but also for entire families . Henmaq partner with organizations and individuals who are willing to bring a change in other people’s lives.



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