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Kachoré NGO is a small organisation working in Benin for grassroots development since 2004 and is active in rural areas that are affected by poverty.

In Benin, Kachoré NGO contributes to the fight against tropical neglected diseases through the education of the population. We ensure appropriate behaviour, hygiene, safety and good organic waste management. This is essential for the health and development of the rural population because diseases (such as malaria) are recognised as one of the main causes of failure in school environments due to the absenteeism of children and their teachers, and the entrenchment of poverty in Benin.

Our actions can be summarised in three phases: training, the support of people in the establishment of income generating activities, and the monitoring of initiatives and after projects. We work mainly in the fight against tropical diseases.

1. Kachoré NGO grants scholarships to needy children in Savalou and Abomey-Calai regions in Benin.
2. We help to support rural access to first aid (helping to rehabilitate health centre, to buy equipment, train staff and to take charge in some critical cases).
3. We organise annual events in Cotonou, Parakou and Savalou to contribute to youth education for peace and conflict resolution through non-violence.
4. Kachoré NGO supported rural women in a community project for cassava cultivation in Ekpa (Savalou Region) from 2009 to 2013.
5. We drove a project to fight against malaria by plants of Artemisia Annua to Ekpa in the town of Savalou and Akassato (Abomey Calavi region) since 2008.
6. Kachoré NGO supported a rural project for the development of beekeeping in Savalou from 2009 to 2011.
7. We fight against poverty through the provision of micro-credit, training women in income generating activities and creating wealth.
8. We launch and manage “Tomorrow Leaders” a socio-educational centre for the education and schooling of underprivileged children in Akassato (Abomey Calavi) in Benin.



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Kachoré NGO is a member of IDAY (www.iday.org), a network of African and European organisations involved individually in educational projects in Africa with the main objective of education for all: quality, free compulsory and suitable education for all children in Africa. Kachoré NGO is a member of Youth and Nonviolence (Jeunesse et non-violence), an international network for peace and non-violence, aimed at youth training in non-violence, conflict resolution through non-violence and is activity contributing to education for peace and environment protection in order to strengthen peace building through non-violence education since 2008.

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