Empowerment for Sustainable Livelihood

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The Empowerment for Sustainable Livelihood (EFSL) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established for the purpose of facilitating the development and promotion of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), sustainable trade, gender empowerment, environmental management, capacity building and sustainable development in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

In pursuit of its mission EFSL:
• Assists and supports the improvement of the environment of small and medium scale enterprises in the communities of Sub-Saharan Africa.
• Provides advisory services for the creation, development and promotion of entrepreneurship, for contributing to the sustainable development process in the region.
• Engages in activities that give recognition and voice to the vulnerable and exclusion through advocacy and negotiation.
• Takes keen interest in community development such as environmental issues and socio-empowerment activities.
• Engages in massive and vigorous education on deadly but preventable diseases such as AIDS/HIV, Malaria, Guinea Worm, Tuberculosis and Bird Flu in the deprived rural communities.
• Champions the course of poverty reduction activities such as assistance in basic technical and vocational skills to both the rural and urban poor, engaging in non-timber forest farming resources/activities in the rural areas.
• Assists communities to increase their efficiency in the international market, especially via the provision of relevant information and training in trade development and promotion, business partnerships and networks.
• Facilitates gender empowerment in the region.
• Undertakes capacity building and utilisation programmes and provides services that will significantly contribute to improve the quality of life in the region.

Core values:
Equity, respect, empowerment, good governance, partnership, accountability, human dignity and sustainability at all levels.

Future aspirations:
• To partner with other international organisations who share the same mission as us.
• To widen our scope of operations beyond our country of origin.
• To reduce sexism and promote respect for women/children rights through education and collaboration.
• To reach other communities who have not benefited from our projects due to financial and logistical constraints.
• To engage in exchange programmes for our members in the areas of capacity building, knowledge acquisition, and other new administrative approach in relation to their work.
• To access scholarships to improve the educational capacity for our members.
• To educate rural folks/increase enrolment of deprived children in school by “stay-school” drive: reducing illiteracy.
• To forestall environment degradation and save the environment.
• To create behavioural change in the population, which will produce a healthy and desirable reproductive life, minimise the rapid spread of HIV infection and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Thematic areas:
• Community development and Volunteering Programmes
• Capacity building training programmes
• Advocacy and Negotiation Skills
AIDS, Guinea Worm, Malaria and Tuberculosis
• Youth Training & Leadership
• Poverty Reduction Strategies
• Gender Empowerment
• Entrepreneurship
• Micro Finance
• Water Sanitation & Distribution Problems
• Good governance



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