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Global Earth Foundation (GEF) is an independent Non – Governmental Organisation with a hard earned reputation for excellent quality services, with its operational head office in Kumba – Cameroon, South West Region.
The name of the organisation is Global Earth Foundation established in 2011 under the laws of Cameroon.
The aims of the organisation are:
i) Enhance environmental friendly practices in community through sustainable development program.
ii) Reaching out to the underprivileged by bringing together resources so that community can flourish.
iii) Improving the health condition of the community and assisting in crop and livestock production and productivity.
The objectives are:-
i) To carryout and promote environmental improvement and practical conservation, to educate, encourage and support the local population in environmental issues.
ii) To be a meaningful vehicle and actor in the struggle for the wellbeign of humanity through training, capacity building etc.
iii) To be part of the collective organisation who work with the community by creating awareness.
iv) To initiate and develop projects and activities which enhance the well beign of the community.

We are concerns about the welfare of the less privileged, in achieving this we have to share out goodies ranging from food stuff to clothing to some partners orphanage homes in the city of Kumba.
We also have community health development program. The aim of this initiative is to improve hygiene and sanitation in the local community, where poor practices can cause disease and death. This is achieved by holding seminars within different target groups in the community, for example women, old people and children, this have encouraged these groups to make positive changes in their lifestyle to combat poor health, hygiene and malnutrition.
Conclusively, there are so many villages in this region, with lack of portable water, the absent of this vital commodity in life leads to serious health hazard as the populations are bound to consume dirty or poorly treated water for their livelihood, the rural population is in need of portable water and quality hygiene and sanitation, this issues causes about 85% of diseases and death in the rural areas in Cameroon, this has raise the concern of our organisation to see into it that, some of these villages are provided with portable water for their livelihood, through the help of international donor, that is why we are in need of help and we contacted global hand to assist us look for donor to carry out our projects in providing portable water to the community of this area. In addition to this, we are writing to partners with your reputable organisation to provide good drinking water and quality hygiene to the rural population of Cameroon, this will be a dream come true to the population of the rural areas in this region.

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