The Home Foundation: Abolition International

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The Home Foundation: Abolition International is an international organization, founded by Gospel singer Nathalie Grant in 2005.

It has subscribed itself to the eradication of sex trafficking and the exploitation of women and children by promoting the use of accreditations, advocacy, education, and restoration.

The Home Foundation: Abolition International was founded to seek out and promote the best aftercare models and programs for victims of sex trafficking. The Abolition International Shelter Association (AISA) partners with restoration homes and anti-trafficking programs around the globe to help raise standards for aftercare facilities.

The home foundation: Abolition International supports other non-profit organizations, local authorities, judges, and attorneys to help fight for tougher penalties for sex traffickers while also finding protective solutions for trafficking victims until an aftercare home placement is available.

Considering that prevention begins with education, The Home Foundation: Abolition International believes it is vital for every anti-trafficking organization to include awareness and education as a part of their model. Through campaigns, events, conferences, and speaking engagements, it is working to educate people about the reality of sex trafficking that is happening both domestically and abroad. It is also committed to fostering lifetime abolitionists who will make a larger impact against trafficking.


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