China Association of Microfinance

Unverified non-profit organisation

China Association of Microfinance (CAM) is the only national member-based association in the microfinance sector in China. The organisation offers
inclusive financial services to financially under-serviced groups (especially the poor and low-income populations), provides services and support to its member institutions and enhances the outreach and sustainability of MFIs as well as the overall capacity and level of the microfinance sector.


Participant in relevant networks

CICETE RDI of CASS Women Development Department of ACWF Beijing Fuping Institute Yixian Funding the Poor Cooperative, Hebei Nanzhao Funding the Poor Cooperative, Henan Chifeng Zhaowuda Women’s Sustainable Development Association Association for Rural Development of Poor Areas in Sichuan YouChange Foundation Baoshang Bank Harbin Bank Guangzhou Huadu Wansui MCC Ningxia Huimin MCC Hainan RCCU Shanghai Association of MCCs CreditEase

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Advocacy of global issues; Provision of services / personnel

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Asia: China

Global issues

Job creation and enterprise development; Financial accessibility and management