Maasai Treads

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Maasai Treads was established in August 2005, as part of an initiative to assist young creative shoemakers to earn a reasonable wage through recycling initiatives. Maasai treads makes footwear as well as a range of Maasai treads essentials.

Maasai treads aims to show the global marketplace that it is possible to make a contribution to poverty eradication in Kenya while improving the lives of all those who become part of the Maasai treads family. The organization strives to be as creative as possible by producing quality, fair priced products to export quality with the main emphasis being on creating a better future for the environment and those who live in it (Kenya) through unique and creative recycling initiatives.

The goal of the organization is to recruit local artisans, to train and provide a secure future for everyone who becomes part of the Maasai treads family regardless of gender, age, ethnic or religious background. Maasai Treads aims to become an international distribution network, and to gain Fair Trade accreditation and become a leader in the area of Fair Trade practice.


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The Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa - COFTA

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