Farmers Own Trading

(For-profit organisation)

Farmers Own was established in 1997 and works with groups of poverty stricken subsistence farmers in Kenya to help them eradicate their poverty by Fair Trade business developments.

In compliance with a Fair Trade supply contract, Farmers Own collects the produce and sells on in the market, paying the farmers the optimum market price.

Farmers Own trains and helps the poor to organize and manage their business affairs through creation of informal Farmers Action Associations with the intention of gaining private company status at the end of a five year timeline. Most of the poor are rural based people who access land and depend upon their husbandry skills for survival. Volume opportunities exist for many food and industrial products

Mission for Farmers Own is to provide Fair Trade market services to eradicate poverty. They achieve this by identifying market opportunity and bring large groups such as Farmers Action Associations of about 500 actives, into the supply line by providing supply contracts for agricultural crops.

The Farmers Own vision extends forward ten years and includes development of Fair Trade brand and a portfolio of raw materials and processed products sold profitably in the domestic and foreign markets.


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The Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa - COFTA

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Doing business with the poor; Provision of goods

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Africa: Kenya

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Job creation and enterprise development; Trade and development

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Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry

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Agriculture and livestock