Rural Action Alliance Programme (RAAP)

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The Rural Action Alliance Programme (RAAP) is an NGO that aims to tackle poverty in Ghana. RAAP works in the Upper West, Northern, and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana with its headquarters based at Hain in the Jirapa District of the Upper West Region. RAAP’s mandate is to combat poverty in low-income, food-deficit communities through sustainable community development projects aimed at assisting poor people to increase food and income security while improving their health and educational status. RAAP concentrates its activities in specific areas/communities, and targets marginalized groups, including self-help women and their families, providing them with technical and financial support to improve their livelihoods. RAAP was founded in 1998 by volunteers who envisioned forming an organization capable of advocating for the rights of poor and marginalized people.

RAAP’s vision is “a world without poverty in which women, men, and children rights are fulfilled”. RAAP’s mission is to assist poor people to overcome poverty. Our goal is to work in partnership with others to improve and sustain the livelihoods of the poor by increasing financial capacities and skills of marginalized people. The strategic objectives of the organization are:

1. Enhancing the livelihoods and income security of rural people through microfinance and enterprise development.
2. Assisting rural communities to improve and sustain their health and educational status through integrated community development projects
3. Building the leadership qualities of the youth for sustainable development

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1 million - 100 million

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