Africa Rescue Committee (AFREC)

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AFREC seeks to ameliorate human suffering in emergency and disaster situations and facilitate an overall improvement in the standards of living and quality of life for vulnerable groups in both rural and urban settings by implementing a contingent of relief, rehabilitation and development projects aimed at empowering the community to realize the full potential of its local resources and live in harmony.

The objectives of the Africa Rescue Committee (AFREC) are:

  • Relieving human suffering by meeting basic needs in times of emergencies and vulnerabilities.
  • Rehabilitate community (local) production and livelihood systems to reduce future culpabilities.
  • Improve the standard and quality of human life through a rise in household food and income securities and hence reduce poverty levels among target communities.
  • Transform active and potential conflict scenarios by re-directing individual and collective human energies towards mutually productive engagements that enhance a culture of respect for life and human dignity as well as universal human rights and peaceful coexistence in diversity.
  • Extend primary healthcare services and quality education that transcends conventional (traditional) pedagogue to incorporate life skills, knowledge and expertise on among others HIV/AIDS and other STIs.
  • Entrench a culture of cost-effectiveness and sustainable development that also embraces sound environmental conservation and management, hygiene and proper sanitation


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