Community Promotion Development Liberation (Coprodeli)

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Coprodeli is a Christian-based foundation whose mission is to contribute to the development of urban fringe areas and eliminate poverty and social exclusion in Peru. The organization currently serves more than 50,000 people living within 30 neighborhoods, where between 80-90% of the population have unsatisfied basic needs, and live in extreme poverty. Coprodeli’s model has expanded to include urban development initiatives that aid the growth of full-fledged communities by providing such infrastructure as water and sewer drainage, electricity, green spaces, paved streets, and sidewalks. Coprodeli combines these initiatives with its traditional education, children at high risk, housing, health and humanitarian aid, and employment generation programs. Coprodeli’s efforts unceasingly seek to create opportunities for locals to participate in the crafting of solutions to the challenges that they face. This sustainable, innovative, and participatory development model seeks to empower poor Peruvians to develop a better city and better lives for themselves. Their ability to bring relief is dependent on the generosity of various organizations and foundations.


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