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ECIAfrica, an affiliate of Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), is a consulting firm that provides social and economic development solutions to business, government, and civil society in developing and transitioning countries within Sub-Saharan Africa.

ECIAfrica takes a multi-sectoral approach to economic and management development consulting. It understands that sustainable economic development requires the public and private sectors to work together.Reflecting this approach, their specialist staff are organised within three primary technical areas:

■ Agribusiness and Rural Development;
■ Enterprise Development;
■ Public Administration.

Each sector enriches the other’s work in research, project design, assessment, policy development, market analysis, institutional capacity building, and product development.

The ECIAfrica team works together across sectors to ensure a holistic approach to specific assignments. Development finance and enterprise development overlap with agriculture, rural development, and public sector infrastructure and service delivery, and all sectors of the economy – public and private – are affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. This flexibility allows the ECIAfrica team to develop tailored solutions for its clients.


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