Yayasan Pondok Kasih (House of Love Foundation)

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Yayasan Pondok Kasih aims to reduce poverty in Indonesia. It helps the poor by providing practical assistance such as food, shelter, it also addresses the roots of the problems and equips the poor with skills. Yayasan Pondok Kasih provides religious advice and services.

They exist to lift people out of poverty by empowering them through their human resources development programs and by creating peace and unity among different religious groups and social organizations.



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A brief list of our partners: Samaritan’s Purse (USA) International Aid (USA) Woodland Australia (AUS) Yayasan Pondok Hayat / House of Life Foundation (IND) We always welcome new partnerships with organizations of the same vision. If you'd like to partner with us, please email us at networking@pondokkasih.org or call us at 6231-841-5205 or 6231-843-9189.

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